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Alohomora: Unlock the magic  |  Lighting & Decor Designer

Alohomora was a Harry Potter inspired immersive event with games, quests, and an original narrative, put on by the USC Special Events Committee. It took place in the Ronald Tutor Ballroom, and had over 500 attendees. In the story of the event, three of the Wizarding Schools came together for a special evening of magic, festivities, and challenges, but beneath the celebrative veneer was a plan to actively recruit students to fight against a growing local band of death eaters. 


zen room  |  conceptual project

The zen room is an auditory experience that uses foley in every element of the room to create a calming atmosphere. The auditory effects are combined with visual design, including warm earth tone pallet, natural textures and materials, a large window for natural lighting, and organic shapes to create a fully immersive experience.

Foley Elements:

Floor planks- holes in the floor around the perimeter of the room would be covered by metal planks that can be played like a xylophone

Ribbed wooden wall- running your fingers across the wall creates a repetitive thumping, and this shape reinforces the acoustics and bounces the sound all over the room

Lamp Shade- the cone can be tapped to create a soothing sound, the different rings create different pitches

Window Curtain- wood and plastic scales embedded in the fabric of the curtain rattle every time the curtain flutters

Swing Chair- in between the wooden supports of the swing are taut nylon strings that can be strummed, each string plays a different pitch depending on the length

Rocking Chair-  rain sticks are incorporated into the design of the legs of the rocking chair, so that as you rock you are calmed by the tapping of rain

Side Table- the body of it made of a nice hollow wood, and it is topped like a tambourine with a head for drumming and metal jingles that rattle whenever something is placed on the table

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A Little Party Never Killed Nobody  |  Artistic Director

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody was an escape room designed and executed by EscapeSC.

Narrative: After Jessie’s 6th birthday party, one child never returned home. The body was found behind an empty warehouse downtown. Parents have identified the victim as their daughter Katie. A suspect is currently in custody, but the cops holding her don’t have enough evidence to make charges, and will have to release her soon. You have been brought to the scene of the crime to find evidence and figure out how Mrs. Lewis committed the crime before she gets released.


The witching hour  |  Lighting designer & co-puzzle designer

The Witching Hour was a Halloween themed escape room designed and executed by EscapeSC. 

Narrative: You are baby sitting twin girls who have been possessed by a demon. You have 30 minutes to find missing pages of the spell book and cast the spell thats frees the girls before the demon kills them.



Launch Scequence  |  props & decor designer

Launch SCequence was an escape room designed and executed by EscapeSC. 

Narrative: The USC amateur rocket team is working on its biggest and best rocket yet, but now it's on the loose! You have to find it and destroy it before it's too late